Another Post in which My Jokes Fail

Yesterday I tried a science-based political pun/joke. It did not go well. Here it is for you to “enjoy”:

Given various reactions to recent events, I think it prudent to remind everyone that the following holds true in both physics and politics:


Well, what do you think?

10 thoughts on “Another Post in which My Jokes Fail

  1. If there’s pie involved I’m there…not a carnival booth with students tossing them, is it?…..oh, Ok everything’s a carnival these days
    (Being rather dyslexic, and this forms not outline of a word that I’m familiar with, it only looks like a lovely stick figure drawing to me….things are far too sticky these days….)

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      1. I started to puzzle it out but we’re being invaded by not so mental giants for super bowl, and there’s a bit of a brain freeze HA HA
        (We have one of those giant 2+ stories perpetual motion pendulums in the Museum of Natural Science which is totally mesmerizing..been a swinger for many many many years
        (It was a cool post, just lazy today)

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    1. It was just supposed to be a visual joke: that with politics, as with physics, the pendulum swings both ways and how much one pulls back on the pendulum determines how far it will swing in the other direction.


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