Quick Sunday Update

Heres a quick rundown of the week:

  • Monday: made chicken noodle soup
  • Tuesday: began setting up the Christmas tree
  • Wednesday: ate my first bit of Christmas candy
  • Thursday: Krystal broke her ankle (ugh)
  • Friday: continued decorating my classroom for winter
  • Saturday: Candlelight practice and errands
  • Sunday: a stomach bug woke me up and that’s what I’m currently dealing with

The stomach bug is why this list is short.

What have you been up to?


2 thoughts on “Quick Sunday Update

Add yours

  1. Best wishes for the healing of Krystal’s ankle and your stomach bug. As far as I have gotten into Christmas is a few random thoughts about presents. I did go to an abbreviated Handle’s Messiah performed by Apollo’s Fire. It was lovely.


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