Teaser Tuesday: I’m Booked!

Normally in this space I’d tell you about what books I’m reading. Today will be a little different.

Now, it’s true I’ve been reading. But I’ve not actually finished anything in a very long time.

And like a fool I just keep adding to my stack!

Two books I’m working through right now are The Iliad and The Republic.

I’m reading these for a new podcast, The Core Curriculum. The podcast is reading through

the books on Columbia University’s “Great Books” list. I’m not on every episode, but the brains behind the podcast, Michial Farmer, said I had the insight of the first series in Episode 10!

You can find The Core Curriculum on your favorite podcast provider. On some services the logo is blank; on others it will look similar to this:

But the big news is that I, myself have been “booked” – – I’ve got my first speaking event, and I’m being introduced as a “local author”! I’ll be giving the keynote speech at our local historic site’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day event. Huzzah!

I’ll also being doing a book sale/signing event afterwards. Not too bad for a self-published book, if I do say so myself.

What have you been reading?

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