Destination: Caffeination

For thousands of years philosophers have asked, “What is the best way to live?” when they should have been asking “What is the best way to achieve maximum caffeination?” Continue reading “Destination: Caffeination”

The Gentle Subjugation of Humanity


Special thanks goes to Liesel of Skill Up Skillet for suggesting today’s topic!


          The Gentle Subjugation of Humanity

Waiting for centuries, biding time. 

Staging a bloodless, velvet revolution. 

Infiltrating the very fabric of society, all fell victim:

    Princes and Potentates

    Priests and Popes

    Politicians and People

Like cannibals of old, we gained power by consumption. 

  Power, but not victory. 

Now, we are enslaved: 

  Economies of nations rise and fall.

  Temples call for universal worship.

  Factions arise. 

  Blood spills.
  We cannot function.

                Coffee Reigns Supreme

coffe beans world map

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Other than running, this is my daily habit/addiction:


I didn’t say it was a good habit, especially for a long-distance runner, but there you have it.

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