Coasting Along

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. From Cape Fear to Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks, the adventure continues.

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Saturday Morning Frappuccino

It’s a cool, windy day here at the beach. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Frappuccino”

Saturday Morning Coffee

This week has gone by like a whirlwind! Good thing I can relax for a *few* more days. The coffee just finished brewing – is French Vanilla OK? I don’t usually drink flavored coffee, but I also won’t say no a a gift. The weather’s a bit cooler today, too; fancy sitting outside? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Sunday Snapshots

As you might remember, my folks visited this week.


They arrived Saturday afternoon and wanted to go out to dinner.

Mom chose Red Robin (Yum!); so we piled into the van and away we went.

Halfway there I realized I was still in my work shirt.

Luckily, Red Robin is attached to the mall, and one of the stores had a sale.


MST3K shirt detailHooray for MST3K!



On the way out the door for Sunday church, Mom realized that Dad and I dressed very similarly:
Dad and Me on Sunday
As we were close to the beach, we visited Fort Macon and Atlantic Beach between the morning and evening services.
First up, Fort Macon:


As I wandered around looking for unique architectural details, I noticed something about the springer.


Then, it was on to the beach!

 And onto the beach, as it were.



That evening, we were back at church. What luck it was a fellowship night!




We went shopping for groceries to make apple pie.



Dad also cleaned our coffee pots. He did a good job, even if I did have to stop him from trying to take apart the Keurig.




We visited the Farmer’s Market and Tryon Palace




I made a Venison Roast, which I didn’t take a picture of; however, we did have apple pie and vanilla ice cream for desert:


Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream



Mom and Dad left Wednesday morning, but not before we ate breakfast at Baker’s Kitchen


Mom and Dad at Baker's Kitchen

Thursday – Saturday

Soon after they left, I developed all the symptoms of a simply wonderful summer cold.

So, I used the time to catch up on my TBR:
Library Books July 31 2015


What did you do this week?



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