Destination: Caffeination

For thousands of years philosophers have asked, “What is the best way to live?” when they should have been asking “What is the best way to achieve maximum caffeination?” Continue reading “Destination: Caffeination”

It All Went Down

Several things happened this week:

School began in earnest.

Lightning hit my modem my in-laws’ modem.

My phone plan data almost maxed out.

What does this mean for you?

I’m adjusting to a new schedule and figuring out a good time to write since “whenever I feel like it” will no longer work.

I couldn’t get online to read all of the wonderful stuff you’ve posted on your blogs.

I couldn’t post anything new (even if I’d written anything, which I haven’t. Until now.)

But now, things are back to normal. That is, for a given definition of “normal.”

My data plan reset: I now have 10 gigs for the next 4 weeks.

My in-laws are working on fixing the modem.

I’ve set aside time both to read your blogs and write articles for my own. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the four-or-five-day schedule soon. It depends on my caffeine levels.

And now, have a random picture:

viral tent doorApparently, this is the most viral image in

[Saturday, August 23at 8:34 PM EST]

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