Monday Morning Coffee

Can it really be that we haven’t talked for two weeks? Well, pull up a chair and let’s talk over coffee. Continue reading “Monday Morning Coffee”


Behold, Mr. FancyPants

Here I am all dressed up to portray Governor William Tryon for Tryon Palace’s 37th Candlelight.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for stopping by so early. I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed, made a cup of coffee, and turned on the porch light. You saw it and came by to see what’s up. I’m glad. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee: It’s Been One Week

I’m sorry for the BNL earworm I’ve just planted. Unless, of course, you like that song. Either way, I hope I haven’t run you off. The coffee’s just finished brewing, the temperature’s cooled off a little, and the sun is shining. Fancy a chat? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: It’s Been One Week”

Saturday Morning Coffee: Dogs & Books & Food . . . Oh My!

Well, it’s official: summer break is over. Yes, dear reader, this past week I went back to the classroom to get ready for the coming year. There’s always a last minute change or two that tries to throw a wrench into the works, but with enough coffee, I’ll take it all in stride. Speaking of coffee, I think the machine just sputtered it’s last burst of coffee. I’ll pour you a cup and bring you a doughnut. Do you like Boston Cream? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: Dogs & Books & Food . . . Oh My!”

Saturday Morning Coffee

If we were sitting down to coffee this morning, I’d first apologize for being so brusque last week.

Candlelight went well, despite a minor medical emergency. Which begs the question: if it’s minor, is it an emergency? An ambulance was involved, so I suppose it wasn’t that minor.

Last Sunday was our church Christmas cantata. It went well, the product of 6 months of practice. I just wish composers were more kindly disposed toward tenors; we aren’t all Tenor 1, after all.

This week at school has been hectic.

On Wednesday we held a bake sale to benefit the Cross Country team and raised $145.

On Thursday the students performed their Christmas program, which they’ve been working on since August.

On Friday exams began, which meant students collectively lost everything they’d learned over the last 18 weeks.

Just three more days to Christmas break.

Of course, on Wednesday I also interviewed historian John Fea for a podcast, but by now you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about it.

I’ve been making progress on finishing my reading challenge, though my reading will be minimal this weekend. I finished almost two books this week, so I’m only down to three left for the year; huzzah!

Which brings us to today, where I’m both grading and writing exams while drinking coffee and eating Cheez-It Extra Toasty crackers.

What’s happening with you?


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