In Living Color

The day finally arrived.

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The Color of the Season

Winter in eastern North Carolina comes in one color: brown.

Winter rains transform open ground into a morass of dirt and mud, covered by the winter winds with a blanket of dead leaves and pine straw, leaving barren trees standing as skeletal sentinels waiting for spring’s resurrection.

In this scene of seasonal tedium I discovered a hint of things to come:


Our assignment was this:

Capture the natural world with your camera: document a moment outside, big or small. From a panorama snapped during your morning hike to a close-up of a leaf in your yard, we invite you to document this wondrous world around us.

Can’t go outside? Photograph something — furniture, architecture, etc. — that looks or feels organic, or mimics the shapes and movements of nature.

Today’s Tip: Exploring the outdoors, with camera in hand, is an opportunity to look for natural lines that lead our eyes to different parts of a frame. Envision the bend of a stream, or the curve of a petal: how can you use these lines in your composition? If you see strong vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines, can you play with the orientation to create a more dynamic composition? Can you apply — or break — the “Rule of Thirds“?

I find a sort of beauty in the asymmetrical radial lines of the pine cone against the horizontal wood grain.

I’m also kind of proud; this is the first time I can recall producing any sort of natural soft focus in the background.

What do you think?


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