National Ampersand Day 2021

Today is National Ampersand Day. 

September is also Suicide Prevention Month.

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Lunchtime Archaeology 

“Tin-rannosaurus Rex”

tin foil and sticky tack 

Blogging 201: Auditing

Today I’m supposed to audit my brand.

Do I even have a brand?

Is Running In My Head a brand?

Do you have certain associations with the name?

I don’t like auditing; I don’t like criticism.

Who does?

That said, I think I’ve been auditing “my brand” for some time.

Tweaking the background and widgets

Promoting my other social media.

What do you think?

Is there anything you think I could do differently or better?

Are you following me on Facebook or Twitter?

If not, why not?

Is it because you didn’t know I had those?

Is is because you find those sites uninteresting?

Is it because you don’t like me?

You know what they say about another pair of eyes . . .

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