Paint the Sky with Rainbows

Trigger warning: this post contains references to death and loss (but also hope and joy and rainbows). I know this time of year can be difficult for some of you; if you wish to scroll on, I totally understand and encourage you to do so.

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Saturday Morning Coffee

It was a long week. Let’s put our feet up and chat over some coffee. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

GalaxyCon Day 3

And on the third day, there were three outfits . . .

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A Ravenclaw, A Viking, & A Plague Doctor Walk Into A Bar (Part 1)

No, it’s not the setup to a terrible joke; it’s pretty much how I spent my weekend at Raleigh SuperCon. This is Part One of Three. Continue reading “A Ravenclaw, A Viking, & A Plague Doctor Walk Into A Bar (Part 1)”

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s a beautiful morning for a strong cup of coffee and a chat with friends. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Monday Morning Update

This weekend I actually went out in public. I didn’t want to, but everyone wanted to be somewhere other than here. I saw people I knew, who asked me “how are you doing” – – all well-meaning, I’m sure.  Continue reading “Monday Morning Update”

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