Janus: 2021 (Looking Forward)

It’s the time for resolutions. But rather than resolutions, let’s call them goals.

Some of these are significantly changed from previous years, but 2020 has convinced me to set more reasonable goals. Extending a goal feels much better than shortening one.

  • Exercise at least four times a week – not a specific type or distance, just exercise
  • Read at least two books a month – most previous years I read one a week. Strangely, being home for most of 2020, I read less than I have in almost 20 years. If you have any book recommendations, drop them in the comments!
  • Communicate more with family and friends. Is it weird to have a calendar listing who to reach out to each day? I’m of two minds: if I don’t have a schedule it won’t happen, but I also don’t want my loved ones thinking their just an item to be checked off.
  • Write more – I’m not aiming to finish any of my larger projects, but I did practically nothing during 2020. I have a poem I’ve been mulling over . . .
  • Continue to support small/local businesses and artists. Conventions may or may not be held, and if they are, I doubt we’ll attend. The Con Crud is already bad enough . . . But I want my favorite vendors to survive this, and they can’t do that without money.
  • Continue to improve my mental health and focus on self-care. One of my good friends described my 2020 as my chrysalis – the year I metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly. I want to keep that going.

Stretch Goals

  • Publish an article in a magazine, wether print or online, wether paid or not
  • Get another tattoo (the Death of Rats in the style of My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade band leader
  • Purchase EnChroma glasses

Last year one of my goals was to improve myself. I’d say I succeeded in that.

Janus Looking Forward (2020)

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Janus Looking Forward

What I hope to do in 2019 Continue reading “Janus Looking Forward”

Resolved [2016]

calvin and hobbes new years resolutions

Happy New Year! According to WordPress’ algorithms, my local time is now 00:00 on January 1, 2016. I may or may not be awake, but this will go out regardless.

Yesterday, I looked back at 2015; today, I’m looking ahead to 2016 with the following resolutions:.


Read at least 100 books

Re-read the 41 official Discworld novels

Finish the TBR stack threatening to overtake the TV end table

Keep a good mix of fiction, nonfiction, and biography

Write down or otherwise mark quotes as I find them

Make better use of the Library, including the hold system & inter-library loan

Incur no library fines


Keep a consistent blogging schedule

Write more fun-for-me posts, including poetry and short fiction

Take time to read and comment on others’ blogs

Grow Wicked Word Wednesday


Write a short review to be posted on Amazon & Goodreads for each book I read

Physically write something of importance or significance with pen and ink (or pencil . . . you get the idea).


Life in General

Strive to be a better, happier person – the kind of person people want to be around and not just tolerate

Be more understanding that not everyone will understand my introversion and the things that make me tick, and that that’s OK

Compliment more than Complain

Sleep better

Declutter [even – gasp – if it means letting a few books find new homes]

Setting Goals for Blogging U.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be participating in WordPress’ Blogging 201.

In addition to my normal posts, you’ll most likely see a few “extra” posts related to course assignments.

This is the first of those posts.

They say sharing your goals with others helps you achieve them.

By the end of the course I hope to

1. Grow a more connected audience. By that I mean I don’t just want more followers or likes – although to be honest, those are nice. I want to have more people commentating and contributing to a conversation.

2. Grow my social media following. Although I have a Facebook page for my site and encourage others to follow me on Instagram / Twitter, not many do.

3. Finish developing features for each day of the week. Having such a schedule will allow me to work ahead on my posts, make my blog appealing to a wider audience, and may help others develop their own blog.

In my wildest dreams, I would have between twenty and fifty consistent readers who comment on my work and share it with others via their own blogs or other social media.

Thanks for the understanding.


Have a suggestion for a poem, photograph, or future post?

Drop a note in the prompt box!


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