Autumn in Five Haiku

You might recall autumn is my favorite season. This morning as I sip my coffee and watch the sun rise over the onion and grass fields out my window, I am inspired: Continue reading “Autumn in Five Haiku”

Sky Writing

Sunset Boulevard:

Kayaking on the water;

Yes, it’s summer’s end.


An acrostic haiku inspired by the Prompt Box.

Feature Image from Wikimedia Commons

Sentry Duty

I only wanted to take out the trash; I didn’t expect all these questions! Continue reading “Sentry Duty”

If I Just Lay Here . . .

Some thoughts on an early morning I found difficult to get out of bed. Continue reading “If I Just Lay Here . . .”

A Song of Ice (No Fire)

Wind and cold combine,

Making water treacherous:

Clear and smooth as glass –

Betraying unwary feet –

Or pointed like an arrow.

Frozen Swan New Bern

A Haiku of Ending

tick tock tick tock tick

Another year now gone by

Regret things undone?

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