Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s a rainy Saturday morning, but it’s a long weekend and there’ll be rugby later on. Come on in and talk for a bit.

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The Best Student Quote From My First Hour Class

Me: Remember, history is complicated.

Student: Not as complicated as math, though.

Hair Crazy?

It seems like just last week I had a haircut; nevertheless, Krystal pointed out that it was time to get another one.

But I just got one!

Did you go to your normal person?


Did you get it thinned like you usually do?

[*sigh* no]

Then it’s time for another one. See if they can fit you in sometime this week. 

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This was left in the cafeteria:

A Look Back at Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and somehow I neglected that fact on Saturday. But, what better way to start a Monday and a new week of school than looking back on some good things that happened last week? Continue reading “A Look Back at Teacher Appreciation Week 2017”

Well, That’s One Reason (or Three)

Here’s what some of my student’s thought about my recent book adventure: Continue reading “Well, That’s One Reason (or Three)”

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