Sunday Morning Solitude

It’s Sunday morning and I’m enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Solitude”

It All Went Down

Several things happened this week:

School began in earnest.

Lightning hit my modem my in-laws’ modem.

My phone plan data almost maxed out.

What does this mean for you?

I’m adjusting to a new schedule and figuring out a good time to write since “whenever I feel like it” will no longer work.

I couldn’t get online to read all of the wonderful stuff you’ve posted on your blogs.

I couldn’t post anything new (even if I’d written anything, which I haven’t. Until now.)

But now, things are back to normal. That is, for a given definition of “normal.”

My data plan reset: I now have 10 gigs for the next 4 weeks.

My in-laws are working on fixing the modem.

I’ve set aside time both to read your blogs and write articles for my own. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the four-or-five-day schedule soon. It depends on my caffeine levels.

And now, have a random picture:

viral tent doorApparently, this is the most viral image in

[Saturday, August 23at 8:34 PM EST]

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