Paint the Sky with Rainbows

Trigger warning: this post contains references to death and loss (but also hope and joy and rainbows). I know this time of year can be difficult for some of you; if you wish to scroll on, I totally understand and encourage you to do so.

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Blue Rhapsody in Blue

We all have little things we do to relax and unwind. Mine is listening to this Gershwin classic. Continue reading “Blue Rhapsody in Blue”


Friday’s assignment for Writing 201 was to write an elegy using fog as a metaphor. After two days of quite literally nothing, I finally had some form of inspiration.

I don’t exactly like it, but neither do I hate it. It’s broken, yet fixable.


Time is flying faster now
 although the days seem long. 
Mem'ry isn't what it used to be - 
 they say it's only fog.

I can't recall my favorite foods, 
 no jokes, no tales, no stories,
  while I remember mundane things - 
   they say it's only fog. 

I can't recall our family trips
 or who we took along. 
The games we played are all forgot - 
 they say it's only fog. 

I can't recall my favorite book
 nor yet my favorite song. 
Like Richard's mind my spine is bent - 
 They say it's only fog. 

I can't recall the names of those
 whose pictures grace my walls, 
  while I remember childhood friends - 
   they say it's only fog. 

It matters not the words I've said
 or the places I have gone, 
  for what were once the concrete things
   are now but sand and fog. 

Things in Glass Cases (Part 3): Memories


Memories are the lost and found office:

What we wore and what we ate

Where we lived and who we loved

What we were like

Sometimes, those memories are found by others

A song

A yearbook

A photo album

A note

A letter

A card

So we share them.

We share the things in glass cases.

And we are better for it.

 This post is being published as part of Writing 101. Challenge 16: Continuing the serial, reflect on the theme of “lost and found.”

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