Sunday Snapshots

Despite the flood of papers threatening to overwhelm my desk in these last weeks of school, I did manage to take a few photographs this week.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. This is what I received:

DewShine Bottle

Then, my sister-in-law bought yet another car in her seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect used car. The newest candidate is this 1996 soft-top Mustang convertible:

'96 Mustang

I attempted to capture the morning fog, inspired by Eclectic Odds n Sods current theme of “Momentarily:”

Foggy Morning

This week was also the school’s Junior/Senior Banquet – one event I honestly don’t mind chaperoning. Not only did I find a snazzy new silver bow tie (on sale!), but I also found some angry jewelry while my wife looked for something to match her dress:

We were invited by several of the students to come take pictures with them down by the river, which coincided with the heraldric winds of Tropical Storm Ana:

Ana is Coming

This weekend I was finally able to finish typing my exams and exam reviews. Smokey lent moral support.

LapCat Smokey


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