The Quotable Pratchett: Raising Steam

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away

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No Real Horizon: Discovering Discworld

Some years ago I perused Blockbuster – back when that was a place – looking for something to watch on a lazy weekend. In that predicament, I based my selections mainly on what the covers. My wife and I settled on a unique flick entitled Hogfather. We were drawn to it for three reasons: (1) the cover looked somewhat dark,  (2) the title intrigued us, and (3) it was British. The third quality alone would have put it in our queue, for anything done by the British is almost infinitely superior to American films.


That film, starring the fabulous Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary Crowley) as Susan and the versatile Ian Richardson as Death, changed my literary world as no film has ever done. Normally, I read the book before the movie and then spend the length of the feature critiquing it. But, to this point, I was unaware of the beauty and glory that is the Disc. That changed the following weekend. While browsing our local bookstore (a chain, the last local closed a year before), I decided to track down the book upon which the film was based.


The book is superb and remains one of my favorite Discworld novels. However, I couldn’t get enough. I began to buy a book a week, soon accumulating the entire series (except for Last Hero and Raising Steam, which was released today), including the so-called “children’s books” (which aren’t just for kids, in case you didn’t know). Today, they occupy a prominent space in my personal library, with Good Omens being my most recent purchase.

If you haven’t yet experienced the wonders of Terry Pratchett’s fantasy world, get started today. It doesn’t really matter what order you read them in, just jump in with both feet and have fun!

From The Discworld Mapp

Note: Today is also the release of the newest Discworld novel: Raising Steam. But since I don’t live in England and will (probably) have to wait until Christmas, please don’t spoil it for me.

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