Personal Pan Psychology

When I was in grade school, my parents would let me pick a place to go out to supper for my birthday. Most times I picked Pizza Hut. This was the 90s, which means one thing: personal pan pizzas and Coke Pepsi in the red cups.

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2015 in Retrospect

Turning Calendar PagesDec 31, 2015

The last day of the year seems good a time as any to reflect on the year that was.

Some personal highlights include

Krystal finding a new job as Historic Interpreter

buying a relatively new car

Twitter interactions with Amanda Palmer, Niel Gaiman, & John Scalzi

 Neil Gaiman Retweeted MeAmanda Palmer Retweeted MeThe Scalzi InsultThe Scalzi Retweet

starting my seventh(!) year of teaching

making progress on my book

recording a podcast

surprising Krystal at Christmas

and of course

reaching reading and blogging goals

My Bookshelf, According to Goodreads

Leather Books with Ladder75 books completed

26,363 pages read

Shortest Book: The Visitor

Longest Book: The Silkworm

Average Rating: 3.8 stars

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18,000 (approx)

equivalent to 7 sold-out performances @ Sydney Opera House

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Sept 23 (152 views)

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Examinate! Examinate!

Test Stack and Coffee CupAs I sit here in the school office on this early Monday morning sipping my first cup pot of coffee and inhaling that unique aroma of hot paper and toner, I wonder:

How much have my students actually remembered?

World History, American History, Civics, Geography, and Physics fall off the rollers, a corner staple holding each packet in place: terms and maths and maps; things they’ve seen all semester but won’t pay any attention to until at least Monday next. Exams start Tuesday.

Every teacher knows that tests cannot *really* test the human student, only how well they retain information. Yet, every teacher wants some vindication that the class they’ve taught all year can perform well come end of term. And – if I’m perfectly honest – I know not every class is ready. Ultimately, though, I have done the best I can. I have led them to the well of knowledge, but I cannot make them drink.




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