My Name in Print

Yes, it’s true. I’m an actual contributor to a real book.
Continue reading “My Name in Print”

My Best Reads of 2017

Well, I did it. I read 75 books this year. Despite the gremlins in Goodreads’ algorithms that kept placing me way ahead of schedule when I was nowhere close to done and then artificially inflating my count by one crucial book – I met my goal. Next year I’m going to set a much more modest goal of 52 books. That’s what lies ahead, but as Janus also looks backwards, let’s recap the best of the best of 2017 – in my opinion, at least.  Continue reading “My Best Reads of 2017”

Teaser Tuesday: The Pietist Option

Like a couple trying to decide where to have supper eventually settling on “the usual”, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: The Pietist Option”

Saturday Morning Coffee

This week has gone by like a whirlwind! Good thing I can relax for a *few* more days. The coffee just finished brewing – is French Vanilla OK? I don’t usually drink flavored coffee, but I also won’t say no a a gift. The weather’s a bit cooler today, too; fancy sitting outside? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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