Teaser Tuesday: Books for 2017

A few weeks ago I asked you for reading recommendations for 2017. In addition to adding a few works suggested by readers, I’ve added more to my TBR, thanks to Christmas gifts of both books and gift cards. In no particular order, here’s what on my shelf (or in the mail . . . or pre-ordered . . . or waiting to be returned to the library) for 2017: Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Books for 2017”

Teaser Tuesday: Teasing 2017

We interrupt our regularly scheduled feature to bring you a word from our sponsor. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Teasing 2017”

The Book Culling (pt 1B)

too high tbr

I noticed something about others’ New Year Resolutions.

Rather, I noticed a lack of resolutions in that most of my acquaintances declared they weren’t making resolutions, but taking things day by day and doing what made them happy.

I would argue that this is a kind of resolution, but I digress.

With that in mind, I took a second look at my TBR.

284 books is quite a large number, and most of them ended up there because of some magazine’s Top Reads / Best Books / All [X] Should Read [Y] list.

Why should I waste my time reading things someone else says I should read?

Didn’t I already do that for 17+ years?

I think it’s time to read the books I want to read, and not base it on some arbitrary list.

The Book Culling (pt 1B)

I’m not going to list the books eliminated in this round.

I started with 284 books.

I ended with 188 books.

188 may still be high, and I may never finish the list – especially since I’m certain to continue adding to it – but they’re the books I want to read*.


*Subject to change without notice.

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