Teaser Tuesday: Presidents of War

Like the calendar turning over a new year, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday.

I know today is actually Wednesday, but better late than never, right? Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Presidents of War”


History or Yesterday?

A brief thought about time. Continue reading “History or Yesterday?”

A Visit from Saint Nicholas [2018]

Today is St. Nicholas’ Day, which meas time once again for me to tell you the REAL story of St. Nicholas, or at least a tale more accurate than the usual Christmastime fare.
Continue reading “A Visit from Saint Nicholas [2018]”

OBX Marathon, Part 1

The last 4ish months of training have led to this. Continue reading “OBX Marathon, Part 1”

Midterm Election in the Classroom

This past week North Carolina voted on six amendments to our state constitution. Of course I used it as a teaching opportunity. Continue reading “Midterm Election in the Classroom”

Teaser Tuesday: Fatal Discord

Like a blue moon, the Wheel of Time has finally turned ‘round again to Teaser Tuesday.

Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Fatal Discord”

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