Bob’s Burgers Review: New Bacon-ings

Hello, everyone – and welcome to a new feature here on the blog! For the next 72 weeks (give or take), I’ll be cooking through the Bob’s Burgers cookbook, the official, licensed book of “joke burgers” from the hit TV show. I know I’m not the first to do this, in fact, a blogger started making the burgers and inspired the cookbook. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll come along on our gastronomic adventure. Continue reading “Bob’s Burgers Review: New Bacon-ings”

Saturday Morning Coffee: The Final Push

Thanks for stopping by! The coffee just finished brewing and I’m trying something new for breakfast. And (wait for it) this week has been profitable – Krystal and I may actually be close to finishing the Deep Clean! Of course, something’s bound to come up.  Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: The Final Push”


Every time there’s a celebrity suicide, social media focuses on mental health for a few days. I wish it were longer.  Continue reading “YANA”

I’ll Admit It: I’m A Con Man (Part 2)

Thanks for coming back! It this too much like looking at someone’s vacation photos? I hope not. I’m trying to be interesting! Continue reading “I’ll Admit It: I’m A Con Man (Part 2)”

Teaser Tuesday: Stiger

Like the wheels on the bus, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Stiger”

I’ll Admit It: I’m A Con Man (Part 1)

Yes, dear reader, you read that title correctly. I’m a Con Man . . . Wait. Strike that. I’m a Con Man Supercon Man! No, I’m not out to trick the elderly and the gullible out of their life savings. I’m interested in comic cons, and this past weekend Krystal and I were able to attend the Raleigh Supercon. Continue reading “I’ll Admit It: I’m A Con Man (Part 1)”

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