V is for . . .

No, not Vendetta

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Friday Freeze

They predicted snow but all we really got was freezing rain. Still, school is canceled and I’m curled up with a blanket, a thermos of coffee, and a good book. Let’s catch up.

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Weekend Review: Colonial Market Days

I don’t usually talk about weekends because, honestly, not much happens. I do yard work. I read. We go to church on Sunday. But, every once in a while, something happens that I just can’t not write about (congratulations if you followed that double negative!).  Continue reading “Weekend Review: Colonial Market Days”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for stopping by this bright, sunshiny day. Sure is a change from the high winds and storms we’ve had around here the last few days. Pull up a chair. The coffee’s hot and strong. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Amid everything that happened yesterday – and if you were on social media you know that quite a bit went on – was the sad news of the passing of John Hurt. Continue reading “Gallifrey Falls No More”

Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 2]

When I’m on vacation, I tend to get up at my normal time of 5:30 – 6:00. I want to enjoy every minute and do as much as possible. I find that not everyone hold this ideology; my cousin Alex especially just wants to sleep til 11:00 or so. However, I also discovered that in visiting Washington, D.C. this is perfectly fine, as one would have start travelling into the city at 5:30 in order to be in line when the museums and such open to the public. Continue reading “Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 2]”

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