Rock, Paper, Poundstone

Yesterday was special. Let me tell you about it.

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Sunday Morning Coffee

It was a really good week for me.

Last Sunday I saw our community theater’s production of Rock of Ages. Krystal was the stage manager!

I finally made another burger based on Bob’s Burgers: the “Son of a Peach-er Man” burger. It was delicious; I’ll have to do a separate post about it!

This week I also started what is now my fourth TTRPG: Cyberpunk: Red. It was character creation night, so no actual in-game story has happened yet, but I’m having fun with the background things and playing with Hero Forge.

My character is named K2 (either “Kay-Two” or “Cato”) – a Rockerboy in Night City.

You can also see my Pinterest inspiration board or listen to their Spotify playlist.

I’ve started rereading the Discworld novels, almost finished rewatching The Office, caught up on watching Bob’s Burgers, and had a good marathon training week.

What have you been up to?

Put Your Records On

But this didn’t feel like magic. It felt a lot older than that. It felt like music.

Terry Pratchett, Soul Music
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That’s Another Record

Yesterday I went to the thrift store and found some more records for the collection.

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Shakespeare Sunday: Sonnet 8

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It’s a Christmas Music Miracle!

Peanuts Christmas Carolers

Last Monday I complained about the awful songs that play on seemingly infinite repeat during the Christmas season.

Then, on Christmas Day, I woke up to discover two bands had attempted to rectify that situation.


Radiohead released their intended Spectre theme. Having listened to both Sam Smith’s official theme and Radiohead’s offering, I am of the opinion Radiohead nailed it.

The one person to vote in my Twitter poll agreed with me.

If you haven’t listened to Spectre yet, here it is:

Green Day

Move over, Mariah Carey; Green Day gave us a present that makes “All I Want for Christmas is You” sound like scales played on a toy piano. Feast your ears on this:

At they very least I think we can all agree it’s much better than anything Michael Bublé has done. Seriously, this should have dominated the airwaves this Christmas season. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Happy Christmas, Music Lovers!



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