Saturday Morning Coffee: Treason & Baking & Things Going *SNICK* in the Night

I’m so glad you stopped by for a chat! Despite the continually rising temperature, I’m still making coffee – and Krystal calls me crazy for it. Of course I’m crazy for coffee – I’m addicted! “No,” she replies, “I mean your crazy for even thinking of the stuff in this weather.” Of course, if you’d rather tea or juice I can do that, too.  Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: Treason & Baking & Things Going *SNICK* in the Night”

Flight of the Bzzzzzzz

We had some visitors at school yesterday. We called a beekeeper, but they moved on before he arrived. Perhaps my excoriating attack on the dangers of hive mind drove them away . . .

Am I not Turtley Enough for the Turtle Club?

Wednesday I came home to find this little guy in the driveway:

turtle club

Yes, little dude (or dudette), yes you are!

Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 3]

Day three of my trip began with Uncle Jason’s decision to drive into the city rather than take the Metro. Driving in was easy enough, but parking was another matter entirely. Continue reading “Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 3]”

Autumn in Five Haiku

You might recall autumn is my favorite season. This morning as I sip my coffee and watch the sun rise over the onion and grass fields out my window, I am inspired: Continue reading “Autumn in Five Haiku”

Monday Morning Grievance: Safety First

Some people think signs only apply to other people. Continue reading “Monday Morning Grievance: Safety First”

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