I keep meaning to post, but when I sit down to type something it seems to all fall apart, like I’ve no energy. But I’m here, and thinking of all you wonderful people. Have a great day.

Rock, Paper, Poundstone

Yesterday was special. Let me tell you about it.

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Not Silent

Dear Social Media Family,

We need to have a talk.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint Won’t Cover Old Wounds

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and so having the day off, I’m doing some writing. This means you get a blog post today!

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Confessions of a Part-Time Stripper

This isn’t a dirty post, so get your mind out of the gutter. But I’ve got your attention, right?

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Nine Years On

Today i was reminded that I started this blog nine years ago. I suppose that means I’m due for some introspection. Fair warning: this post is going to ramble a lot.

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