Phone, Home

The waiting is finally over.

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Janus, Belated

So, I didn’t do my usual dual Janus posts for the new year. And that’s okay.

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Someone’s Got To Remember

Thoughts on the Eightieth Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

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A Visit from Saint Nicholas [2021]

In many traditions, today is the Feast of St. Nicholas.

That means it’s once again time to link to this post.

Sunday Evening Coffee

Ok, so it might be a bit late in the day to be drinking coffee. So mine is the “dark blend” Coke-and-Coffee that I’m enjoying with some delicious homemade pizza.

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Bob’s Burgers Review: Son of a Peach-er Man

Has it really been over a year since I made a burger based on the hit TV show Bob’s Burgers? Well, let’s fix that.

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