Recipes and Reading and Roleplay – Oh My!

Wait. How did it get to be February already? Tomorrow will be Groundhog Day; however, it seems like we’ve been living a Groundhog Day for the last year or so.

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Janus 2020

Two-headed Janus, wellspring of the quietly gliding year, who alone of the gods sees your own back. – Cato

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I’ll Need All Your Floppy Disks and 8-Tracks

How long has it been? Far too long. Continue reading “I’ll Need All Your Floppy Disks and 8-Tracks”

Monday Morning Coffee

Sorry I didn’t talk Saturday. I’m here now though. Continue reading “Monday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in. I’ll make breakfast: coffee and omelets and toast and cereal and bananas. Yeah, I’m hungry. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Monday Morning Coffee

I’m sorry we weren’t able to meet Saturday, but I’m here now. Let’s talk about the week that was over a hot, strong cup of coffee. Continue reading “Monday Morning Coffee”

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