Saturday Evening Coffee

Thanks for swinging by. I know we usually meet Saturday mornings, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Continue reading “Saturday Evening Coffee”


Saturday Morning Coffee: Dogs & Books & Food . . . Oh My!

Well, it’s official: summer break is over. Yes, dear reader, this past week I went back to the classroom to get ready for the coming year. There’s always a last minute change or two that tries to throw a wrench into the works, but with enough coffee, I’ll take it all in stride. Speaking of coffee, I think the machine just sputtered it’s last burst of coffee. I’ll pour you a cup and bring you a doughnut. Do you like Boston Cream? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: Dogs & Books & Food . . . Oh My!”

2016 Bonus Round 4: Donuts v Ice Cream

I’m so rumbly in my tumbly
A time for something sweet Continue reading “2016 Bonus Round 4: Donuts v Ice Cream”

The Great Donut Debate

Dunkin Donuts v Krispy KremeI’ve learned to like quite a few things since moving to the South:

Sweet Tea

Crabs (and most Seafood)


Pecan Pie


Pit Barbecue

Fried Green Tomatoes

Bojangles’ Chicken

However, one so-called “treat” remains  for which I have no taste:

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Advocates of the chain* claim things like

krispy kreme hot sign• Krispy Kreme taste more fresh and a lighter doughnut especially when hot

• Krispy Kreme . . . melt in your mouth

• Krispy Kreme for freshness

• KK donuts are light and airy

• I prefer the light fluffy doughnuts of KK

• Krispy Kreme is better when I consider it from the diabetic standpoint: the donuts are made with less dough and come in around 26 carbs apiece . . . I go for Krispy Kreme if I’m looking for something that won’t really spike my sugar.

* I gained these responses by asking an open question on my Facebook page.

I, however, dislike Krispy Kreme to the point that I will not give any of my hard-earned money to the franchise.

When someone visits from out-of-region, a trip to Krispy Kreme is inevitable.

On the occasions when I am forced to discuss Krispy Kreme, I loudly voice my negative opinion.

However, if someone were to spend their own cash and provide Krispy Kreme, I will – of course – parake.

No need to be rude, now is there?

By this point, you’ve probably deduced that I endorse the best [American] doughnut chain, Dunkin Donuts.

Obviously, Tim Hortons is the absolute best, but they’re decidedly rare in the U.S.

The evidence for Dunkin’s superiority is right there in the word donut – or, more accurately, doughnut.

Look again at the testimonials for Krispy Kreme and you see a running theme: light, airy, and fluffy.

No mention of cake or dough to be found.

Krispy Kreme “doughnuts” are little clouds of sugar and hot air bearing more resemblance to cotton candy than anything else.

Dunkin’ Donuts, on the other hand, is exactly, what a doughnut should be:

cakeydunkin donuts electric sign

a bit dense



decidedly not sickeningly sweet

Detractors of DD claim that their wares are



lack filling

Emphatically, they are wrong – especially about the filling.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ filled varieties exceed capacity; you’ll need a napkin or two per donut and still have enough filling to be satisfied.

For the record:

Boston Kreme is the best filled variety
Blueberry Cake is the best cake doughnut

I’m not alone in my assessment; other responders to my query stated

• Dunkin Donuts have substance [and] excellent cake . . . and creme filledI

• If I’m looking for a REAL donut, I’ll take Dunkin Donuts’ creme-filled types first and foremost

If these testimonials aren’t enough to sway you, consider Krispy Kreme’s sad attempt to buy your love.

Sure, they claim it’s in celebration of their birthday, but those of us who are enlightened in the ways of fried dough delicacies know the truth.

Look, I understand there’s no accounting for taste, but what can’t people just have the right taste?

If I haven’t scared you off, tell me your favorite chain / variety in the comments!



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Morning Routine

RunningBusinessmanWhy is it always like this? I leave the house early and end up being late. All I want is my coffee – two cream two sugar – and blueberry donut. The guy ahead of me must be an utter moron. Seriously, how long does it take to place an order? Who goes to a donut shop not knowing what they want. Seriously, it’s coffee and donuts. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Just hurry it up already, not all of us have all day.

???????????????????????????????I’m running on empty here. Night shift at the hospital ER takes its toll. I just need something to make it home. Black coffee should do it. Don’t forget something for the wife; she’ll be leaving for work soon. I wish we could spend more time together. At least we have some time together. I know some families won’t have that any more. Not after last night. Now which one does she like again? The regular with chocolate glaze or the chocolate with regular glaze? I know she’ll eat whatever, but I’d like it to be right. She sacrifices so much. Where is my wallet? Don’t tell me I left it in my locker again.

???????????????????????????????It’s 7:15. I’ve been at work since 4:00. Three hours, fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes to break. Then four and a half hours to end of shift. Don’t forget to pay the electric on the way home. Sleep til 4 and then evening shift at the diner. Home by 10:00. Is this my weekend for Jared or not? One more day to the weekend. I actually have all of Sunday off. I haven’t been to church in ages. I should go. If I’m not sleeping. Oh look: another customer. Whatever pays the bills.

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