History or Yesterday?

A brief thought about time. Continue reading “History or Yesterday?”


Saturday Morning Coffee

Hello, friends! Are you still too stuffed from the Thanksgiving holiday to sit and chat over a cup of coffee? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee & Florence Update #4

Thanks for stopping by, because I need some normalcy in my life right now. Let’s chat over some fresh, strong coffee. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee & Florence Update #4”

Saturday Morning Coffee

This week has gone by like a whirlwind! Good thing I can relax for a *few* more days. The coffee just finished brewing – is French Vanilla OK? I don’t usually drink flavored coffee, but I also won’t say no a a gift. The weather’s a bit cooler today, too; fancy sitting outside? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Today is a Good Day

Here’s what’s going right today: Continue reading “Today is a Good Day”

Monday Morning Grievance: Losing My Cool

🎶 Ooh, ooh, ooh,
I feel my temperature rising
Help me, I’m flaming
I must be a hundred and nine
Burning, burning, burning
And nothing can cool me
I just might turn to smoke
But I feel fine 🎶 Continue reading “Monday Morning Grievance: Losing My Cool”

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