Jurassic Park Under Quarantine

Things are going well. Here’s how I handled yesterday:

I’m new to TikTok

Saturday Morning Coffee

Well, it’s been a week. Come on in and let’s chat over a hot cup of coffee. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.

I have an obsession with Jurassic Park.

Continue reading “A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.”

Seven Final Reviews for 2017

On Christmas Day I finished what I *thought* was my last book for 2017. I saw the Goodreads’ message and balloons and confetti and everything. Then, when looking through my Year in Books, I noticed a mistake: somehow, two different editions of the same book made it onto my read list, meaning it counted twice and I was still one book short. I suppose its a good thing I received several cookbooks as early Christmas presents, right? Continue reading “Seven Final Reviews for 2017”

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