Crud & Krampus

Happy Krampusnacht, everyone. Continue reading “Crud & Krampus”

GalaxyCon Day 4 & Con Loot

After checking out of the hotel (which took 2 hrs!) Mabelise strolls the con floor. Continue reading “GalaxyCon Day 4 & Con Loot”

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s been raining for two days. Come in out of the wet and let’s chat and warm up over a hot cup of coffee. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Sunday Afternoon Hot Chocolate

Well, another week has come and gone. Let’s look back on the week that was. Continue reading “Sunday Afternoon Hot Chocolate”

Cheer of Fear?

I have no children, so questions of Santa’s existence rarely arise. When they do, I typically say, “Yes, Santa’s real – but he’s better known as Saint Nicholas and has been dead for almost 1,000 years.” I’m a hit at Christmas parties, I tell you what. Continue reading “Cheer of Fear?”

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