Personal Pan Psychology

When I was in grade school, my parents would let me pick a place to go out to supper for my birthday. Most times I picked Pizza Hut. This was the 90s, which means one thing: personal pan pizzas and Coke Pepsi in the red cups.

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Saturday Evening Coffee

Thanks for swinging by. I know we usually meet Saturday mornings, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Continue reading “Saturday Evening Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee

I could really use some coffee right about now. You look like you could, too. Come on in and let’s chat. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee: I Can Hear the Bells

Yes, it’s that time of the year. School is gearing up for another term! But it’s Saturday, so let’s enjoy the time off while it lasts. The coffee just finished brewing; fancy a cup? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: I Can Hear the Bells”

Philosopher’s π

My family often states that I’m not adventurous or spontaneous.

Perhaps they’re right about that.

But when it comes to food . . . Continue reading “Philosopher’s π”

Sunday Snapshots

I accomplished two things this week:

First, I helped fix the drainage at the school:

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Second, I salvaged some old books from the dumpster:

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Oh, and K’s plans got moved to this week. You know what that means:

For the record, I also got Wal-Mart brand Ginger Ale like I said I would last weekend.

What about the milkshake? For a whole 40¢ more, I bought this carton of ice cream! w00t!

Hey, before you go, would you mind giving me your opinion?

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