I’ll Need All Your Floppy Disks and 8-Tracks

How long has it been? Far too long. Continue reading “I’ll Need All Your Floppy Disks and 8-Tracks”


Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning! Come on in and put your feet up; the coffee’s fresh and hot and strong. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Wednesday Wrap-Up

This past weekend I was too excited to do a Saturday Morning Coffee. Let’s talk now, instead.

Continue reading “Wednesday Wrap-Up”

I’m So Nerve-Cited

A lot happened this week but I’m having trouble focusing right now because this just happened: Continue reading “I’m So Nerve-Cited”

Saturday Morning Coffee

I’ve been silent this week; but with good reason. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in. The coffee’s brewing as we speak.

Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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