Abort, Retry, Fail?_

Some bloggers make excuses after a long hiatus, but I have no excuses to make. For the last three months I have been playing Skyrim and binge watching old television shows on Netflix.

While not purposefully avoiding the blog, I have been avoiding the “publish” button. Let me explain.

I first started Running In My Head a little over a year ago as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings. I had intended to simply vent my feelings into the void of cyberspace, never anticipating that people would actually want to read what I had to say.

For the first few months, my most popular piece was a character sketch of Javert (still my favorite piece thus far). I was happy in my relative anonymity and for the few readers who found my musings worthwhile.

Then came the email from a WordPress editor: I was going to be Freshly Pressed! Which of my intellectual endeavors had made the cut? None of them. The piece featured was a comedy list based on Month Python and the Holy Grail. It’s not that I didn’t like the piece, it’s that I’m not generally funny. I can kill a joke faster than the bubonic plague swept through Europe. To have all those people seeing something that took me weeks to write and probably couldn’t duplicate stressed me.

Next came the followers. After being featured, I jumped from 15 or so followers to over 1000. I know that might seem like a large number, but many of those accounts appeared to be spam or marketing accounts. By my estimate, I have around 600 actual human followers.

Finally, reality set in. I had a blog, I had followers, and I didn’t want to lose them. From browsing the information available, I realized I had reached a wide and varied audience. What if they left negative comments? What if I offended them? What if a flame war began? What if they hit the unsubscribe button?

I determined to post with confidence and let the chips fall where they may. Easier said than done. Remember how I said I’d been avoiding the publishing button? I’ve written (or begun to write) articles on subjects like

  • Microagression
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy written as journal entries
  • Excerpts from my nonfiction work about Enlightenment philosophy and WWII
  • Common Core
  • Repealing the 22nd Amendment
  • Voter ID laws
  • History as taught through cartoons

So why didn’t I publish? I felt burned out and didn’t want the blog to be a chore or something I did for other people. I wanted to enjoy it again. Now that I’m back, I plan on following my previous schedule of one guaranteed post per week.

Thanks for sticking around.



3 thoughts on “Abort, Retry, Fail?_

  1. I’d definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Common Core and history through cartoons would certainly be very interesting. I’m going through my own version of burnout so to speak so I understand. I’m glad to see you back and looking forward to what you have to say…regardless of topic. 🙂


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