junk drawer


I am the Collector of Lost Things, reclaiming the flotsam and refuse and orphaned detritus of life: keys and socks and cell phones and nail clippers and glasses and bank cards and jewelry . . .

out of print book stack


I am the Out of Print Office, lining my shelves with books abandoned, neglected, and forgotten.

The best laid plans of mice and men oft are never read.

dead letters


I am the Dead Letter Postman, waylaying love and inheritance and hate and loss indefinitely.



 I am haunted by things left behind.


5 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. This is good. I can see it as the beginning of a piece/novel of great substance and impact. Write…Always. Write.
    (And it figures a social studies teacher. Someone has to save – to guard – what others forget, misplace, or don’t recognize as important until later.)
    Keep running


  2. I love the initial flow of your words, the mood swinging with your unique rhythm, the heaviness of the weight your character feels right within your words….
    It’s a great peace of writing. There’s no doubt about that.


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