A Journey (of sorts)

Today is my Tuesday routine –

It has been since I was nineteen –

When I visit the Library

In all of its finery

To sate my thinking machine.


New Bern NC Library


My library list is quite long;

I wonder if some don’t belong

On my list to be read

Before I am dead

Who cares? I’m chugging along!


My To-Read Shelf:
Jay's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (to-read shelf)


I don’t think I’ll make it today

For the weather is really quite grey:

With the sleet and the ice

And the power off – twice! –

I don’t think I’d make it halfway.


Icy Mailbox


My weekend had now been extended

As my classes are cancelled – splendid!

With an hour or six

I could learn some new tricks

Or read just as I’d intended.


The Great Influenza
Might not be the best thing to read
when you have the sniffles.


So I’ll curl up with my blanket

With some coffee to feed my habit

And the cat in my lap

Will take his long nap –

Now where did I put that book jacket?


Fireplace DVD

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