Wicked Word Wednesday (1.8) Results

Wicked Word Wednesday Results
Thanks to everyone who participated in Wicked Word Wednesday. This past week we had 3 entries, down a bit, but perhaps that’s my fault as I wasn’t on my A-Game with Week 1.7. Moving on . . .

“Enough!” I hear you cry, “We want to know who won!”

Very well; the winner this week is . . .

Dr. Meg Sorick

I wore thick spectacles and had the unfortunate name – Prudence. I suffered the teasing, but I finally reached the end of my rope when Mr. Eldridge referred to me as “bookish”. I cast the spell and turned him into a frog!


No – her piece wasn’t chosen for the inclusion of a surname in close proximity to my own; she won fair and square!

Congratulations to this week’s winner (don’t forget your badge!) and tune in Wednesday for another Wicked Word!

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