Wicked Word Wednesday: Jurassic

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Ju·ras·sic \ju̇-ˈra-sik\


noting or pertaining to a period of the Mesozoic Epoch, occurring from 190 to 140 million years ago and characterized by an abundance of dinosaurs and the advent of birds and mammals.


the Jurassic Period or System.


Greetings logophiles and other creative types!

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5 thoughts on “Wicked Word Wednesday: Jurassic

  1. I am jurassic,
    prehistoric in my pieces,
    my planes and valleys.

    Each breath
    begs forgiveness
    for colliding with the gravity
    of your star,
    the vapors and particles
    that collectively make you,
    create you
    into something ancient yet new,
    familiar yet foreign,
    pieces I’ve met
    and ones I’ve never seen.

    I orbit in your galaxy
    of earth-shaking meteors
    that will wipe me
    from this place
    I pretend is home,
    and I don’t care
    that the end is here.

    I don’t care
    how I will die
    in ash and flame
    because for a moment
    we were close enough
    to feel
    the death of before
    and the birth of after,
    close enough
    to reach out
    and touch the end.


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