Monday Morning Grievance: “Borrowing”

I am not the Giving Tree.


It’s Monday & I haven’t had my coffee.

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I don’t mind if you borrow my things, but please ask first.

I am not made of

pens & pencils,

tape & staplers,

or sticky notes;

You may borrow

my books &

my computer –

if you return them;

You can even pick my brain.

Just make sure there’s some left for me, OK?


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grievance: “Borrowing”

  1. I had to laugh reading this … because my wife tends to be pretty bad with pens, etc so that when I get a new pen from a conference, class, vendor, etc I just give them to her. As for me … before reading this I was writing notes in my planner with a Parker Vector fountain pen I paid ~$10 for back in 1993 … 🙂

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    1. The coffee, absolutely!

      After it helps jolt you to life, I may feel inclined to lend you a pen, but only a blue one. The black ones are mine.

      The books, though, are a different story. I sometimes hesitate to let Krystal borrow my books, and she’s my wife.

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