Monday Morning Grievance: Failed Downloads

Technology is great when it works.

When it doesn’t . . .

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It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

In addition to coffee, I rely on podcasts to help start my day.

Recently, someone asked, “What’s a podcast?”

Think of a podcast like a radio program you can download to your computer or smartphone and listen to it whenever you like.

Because podcasting is relatively cheap, almost anyone can make a podcast, so there are literally thousands of podcasts to choose from. I’ve even been on a few.

Some time ago, after repeated problems with iTunes’ podcast app, I switched to one called Overcast.

It works great, but occasionally I get this sad-faced symbol:

failed download

Failed Download

Then I’m left in a quandary:

Is it on my end; mainly, do I have enough free space?

Is it the app?

Is it the server?

Do I contact the people?

It’s even worse when I only have one unplayed podcast and it won’t download.

Thankfully, this hasn’t happened in a while.

What’s annoying you today?



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