Monday Morning Grievance: Insufficient Space

Remember when a 215k flash drive seemed like all anyone would ever need?

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It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

The past few weeks have been a reminder that I have a finite space to

store books

download podcasts

take pictures

record audio

And this annoys me. I remember when personal thumb drives first came out. 250k? Who would ever use all that space? Now, I have a 6 gig phone and several 8 gig thumb drives and I’m running out of space.

Now, I really do need a new phone as mine is getting ready to bite the dust, but that’s beside the point. I find it supremely annoying when I can’t download a podcast or update an app or even take a simple picture just because I don’t have enough space on my phone.

The books are a simpler matter; I can simply add more bookshelves. The real problem is convincing Krystal I don’t have a book hoarding addiction (I totally do and she knows it. We just pretend it doesn’t exist).

I really need to recording space, especially with my summer project (related to The Book).

Ah well.

. . .

What’s Annoying You Today?

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