Wicked Word Wednesday: Upholstery

Tenterhooks are the upholstery of the anxious seat.

– Robert E. Sherwood

Greetings logophiles and other creative types!

It’s time for Wicked Word Wednesday, and the Wicked Word is:

up·hol·stery [\-st(ə-)rē\]


The cloth, leather, etc., that covers a couch, chair, etc.

The process or business of covering pieces of furniture with cloth, leather, etc.


What is Wicked Word Wednesday?

You have one week to compose a post based on the Wicked Word.

One entry per person.

BONUS CHALLENGE: 42 words max.

Leave your entry in the comment box below.

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And Thus It Begins:

The Word has been given;

The Week has begun;

The Game is afoot;

On Mark,

Get Set,


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9 thoughts on “Wicked Word Wednesday: Upholstery

  1. Her white thighs
    stuck to the black upholstery
    that had been baking
    under Florida’s sun,
    and she scrunched up her nose
    at the sudden shock of it.

    The car was hot
    but she was hotter,
    and he couldn’t take
    his eyes away.


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  2. When I walked in, I knew by the lighting in the room she had a gun. I knew by the way her suit blended with the upholstery that I was about to be had. My eyes were on her legs, sheep to the slaughter, no strength to resist. There were two drinks already poured on the coffee table. As I sank into the tweed sofa, I waited for what was to happen next.

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