A Little Seasoning [Limerick]

The prompt for this week’s limerick is ‘Seasons’. Rather than write one limerick spanning four seasons, I wrote four limericks – one for each season. So, if you’ve ever wondered what I thought about the weather at any given time, here you go.

A Little Seasoning 

I consider the weather depressing:

the cold and the dark are depressing,

the holidays aren’t merry

(they make me quite harried),

I find winter just too frustrating.


This weather is quite simply evil;

in fact, it should be illegal

to provoke allergies

like hives and the sneeze –

to me, spring might just prove fatal.


The weather’s oppressively hot;

the sun is the season’s mascot.

I’ll give baseball a miss,

and swimming’s for kids;

while others like summer, I do not.


I find the weather just right

for running and camping at night,

for foliage and hoodies,

for Halloween and for foodies –

really, autumn is right out of sight.


Written in response to the Weekly Limerick Challenge (wk 39)



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