Monday Morning Grievance: Did Daylight Saving Mess Up My New Years’ Resolution?

Just when I thought dealing with the time change was over and done until Spring, this happens. I am not happy.

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It’s Monday morning & I haven’t had my coffee.

If I’m being honest, I haven’t looked much at my New Years’ resolutions since February. However, there are three of them I’ve remembered and actively tried to keep up with:

Be an overall better person, someone more pleasant to be around

Use the Library more without incurring any fines

Write a post for every day of the year

So far so good on the first two, though I did double-check with my wife about my attitude. She confirms that things have been better this year. I plan on keeping this going, I’m not going to stop once 2016 is over. Given the events of 2016, we need more pleasant people in the world.

But, I’m concerned about my posting goal. You see, the United States has this thing called Daylight Saving Time. I hate it for a variety of reasons, but now I have further reason to despise it.

As you might know, I run a biweekly writing challenge, Wicked Word Wednesday (check back Wednesday for the next challenge!). Because this is a challenge and I have readers all over the world, I schedule the prompts to publish at midnight, just as the day turns from one to the next.

Unfortunately, adjusting my time on the Admin page has retroactively changed the time – and therefore the date – of those posts. So a post that was originally published at 00:00 on October 12 now shows up as being posting at 23:00 on October 11.

My solid wall of blue (?) is now pocked with grey and black. Behold:


Does this mean that I’ve failed in my resolution mere weeks before the turn of the year? What should I do – if anything – to correct the atrocity? Let me know via the poll or in the comments!

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