The Ten Band Meme

Recently the internet has been overtaken by the Ten Band Meme, where you’re supposed to list ten bands, nine of which you’ve seen and one of which is a lie. Here’s my contribution: 


rubber band

symphonic wind band

brass band

rain band



Apple Garage Band

elastic band

and . . . GO!

Saturday Morning Coffee

Hey there, friend; good to see you. Wait. Is it Saturday already?! Huh. I guess it is. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Prepping for the March for History

The recent marches for science have historians across academic fields wondering if we should hold a March for History. Of course, the discussion has already become, “Well, shouldn’t it be a March for Humanities?” Which, I’m fine with. This is what happens when historians try to plan anything.

Be that as it may, my signs are ready:

I designed them with a white background, so keep that in mind 🙂

Citations Needed poster

Humanities are here to stay poster

Here’s a random picture I took this week. Maybe it’ll inspire you!

weeds overgrown bike


Saturday Morning Coffee

The coffee is hot and strong; it has to be: this weekend ends Spring Break. I shouldn’t really be surprised the days passed quickly, but they did. When school resumes Monday, there’ll be 25 school days left in the year. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, for both students and teachers. But let’s talk about this week. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

The Bard Grants Immortality

Time for another interesting tale from family history! It is generally agreed that the words and works of Shakespeare are immortal. Of his many plays, Macbeth placed 2nd in a “greatest works” compilation this past year, the 400th anniversary of his death. Let us turn briefly to Act 1 Scene 3, featuring those eerie witches (which, sadly, was cut from the Michael Fassbender movie of the play): Continue reading “The Bard Grants Immortality”

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