Tough As Nails

This happened the other day as I went to trim my nails. I started with the pinky finger when I realized I’d need something a bit . . . stronger.

I really don’t think this is optimal.

Teaser Tuesday: The Zhivago Affair

Like the teacher’s final countdown to summer break, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: The Zhivago Affair”

Cooking Directions

14 years seems like yesterday. Some thoughts brought on while making lunch on a Saturday afternoon; or remembering Grandma.  Continue reading “Cooking Directions”

Saturday Afternoon Moxie

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I know we don’t usually meet in the afternoon, but some changes are good, you know? Continue reading “Saturday Afternoon Moxie”

As I’m writing exams I really can’t chat, though you know I’d love to. So here’s a picture of Smokey to tide you over til our next meeting.

I sure could use some encouragement right about now; as always, the comments are open!

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s Saturday already? Well, I just put the coffee on! Nothing better on a rainy, drizzly weekend. I still can’ believe the week’s already over, though. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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