Saturday Morning Coffee: It’s Been One Week

I’m sorry for the BNL earworm I’ve just planted. Unless, of course, you like that song. Either way, I hope I haven’t run you off. The coffee’s just finished brewing, the temperature’s cooled off a little, and the sun is shining. Fancy a chat?

school alarmsSo, our school just finished it’s first full week. That explains why I feel as if I’ve run a marathon, maybe even a little worse. It also explains why I haven’t read any of the lovely blogs I follow in over two weeks. I’m really sorry about that; I’ve scheduled some time today to make it up to you.

Of course, our first full day of school was Monday, the day of the “Great American Eclipse”. And, while most folks weren’t end-of-the-world bad the way certain medieval writers describe eclipse hysteria, there was a certain element of overreaction. Public schools had a half day, ostensibly to avoid lawsuits should a students fail to heed the advice of literally every adult present and stare into the sun. Some were convinced that the sun’s rays during the eclipse were extra-harmful, and would blind anyone who saw natural light. I know a few drivers were worried they’d be blinded while driving and cause massive highway accidents.

At our school, we went outside and enjoyed a break from last period. I took over 80 pictures, here’s just a few of them:

Tuesday, I realized that not only was school back in session, but the sports season was already back in full swing. My afternoon classes were missing more than a few students as volleyball players traveled to their first game of the season – an away game, of course.

Essential Hamilton

Wednesday, I came home to find a book had been sent to me: The Essential Hamilton. Krystal and I have differing views on Hamilton. Though she enjoys the musical, she knows the musical doesn’t necessarily portray reality. Nevertheless, she continues to perceive Hamilton as a tragic figure. I, on the other hand, find him insufferable. His writings, though eloquent, in no way make up for his severe failings as a human being. Are you familiar with the musical Chicago? Whenever I think of Hamilton, I imagine the chorus from “Cell Block Tango”.

Thursday, Krystal and I enjoyed the RiffTrax version of the Doctor Who story arc “The Five Doctors”. If you’re not familiar with RiffTrax, it’s produced by the same folks who did Mystery Science Theater 3000, but in a different format (for legal reasons, of course). You can buy the riff for a movie/show online, and then synch the audio when you play the movie.

mr-and-mrs-dixon-1The BIG news on Thursday concerned this year’s Candlelight. You remember last year how Krystal and I were Mr. and Mrs. Dixon from 1835 New Bern? Well, this year I have a slightly larger role. This year the theme is Seasons of Giving, and “inside the Governor’s Palace, the year is 1770, and William and Margret Tryon are hosting their first party at the new government house.” I’ve been moved up from the Dixon House to the Palace itself . . . as Governor Tryon himself! I had students working on a reading comprehension assignment when I got the news, and I literally danced a jig (or my version of one) in front of the classroom.

Friday went well at school, and when I got home I changed into my “weekend clothes”, put / up me feet, and enjoyed a Moxie soda while watching some Father Brown Mysteries on Netflix. Then, this happened:

Brown Potter Crossover 2 Resized

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today, I’m prepping for next week while listening to some podcasts.

What have you been up to this week?

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