Saturday Morning Coffee: No Flat-Earthers Allowed

I’ve got company today, good friends from college. So, rather than giving you a rundown of the entire week, let me tell you a brief story.

Every year there comes a day when my Freshman class realizes history isn’t as tidy as they thought. Today was that day, as we discussed major Greek contributions to Western Civilization and reached Pythagoras, Euclid, and Eratosthenes.

“Please understand: very few actually believed the world was flat. Fast forward to 1492, and Columbus did not believe the world was flat. He used incorrect calculations, but did not fear falling off a flat Earth.”

Student reactions were priceless:

“Mind. Blown.”

“Wait, what?”

“Up is down and down is up!”

“Are we being recorded for one of those YouTube reaction videos? Because if we aren’t, we should be.”

And my favorite:

But what else have we been lied to about? How do we even know what’s true?

Which provided me the perfect segue to say,

“I’m glad you asked. Let me introduce you to our good friend, the Humanities.”

All the while looking like this:


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