It’s Saturday

The past two weeks have been intense.

Last week I posted pictures of myself as Governor William Tryon of North Carolina. This week I reprise that role for the second and final performance of Candlelight 2017.

I’ve cooked burgers but just haven’t found time to write about them. In addition to Candlelight, it’s exam time at school. Just remember, kids, for every exam you sit, the teacher grades dozens more.

Smokey took a bad turn this week. We’re still not sure what happened, but for two days we were sure his time with us was drawing to a close.

But, Smokey apparently thought differently and has since rebounded. I never want to see him in such pain again. Have you ever seen a cat cry?

Anyway, things are looking up, even if my eyes are looking down grading papers.

How has your week been?

3 thoughts on “It’s Saturday

  1. I’m glad you’re kitty is feeling better. My brother’s dog got really sick this week at the same time, it’s scary, seeing them like that. And you can’t talk to them like with a child, to see what is wrong.
    He is also starting to get better.

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