Janus 2017/2018

Janus – the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, of gates, doors, and doorways, of endings and time – looks backwards and forwards. And today, so do I. 

I know 2017 was an awful year for many people. And, considering the world as a whole, I get that feeling. However, for me as an individual, 2017 was great. Here’s a short checklist of the things that made me happy this year:

• worked one more podcasts

• wrote quite a bit of Mr. Tom’s story

• read more books that I wanted to read

• spent more time with Krystal just doing, well . . . not work

• increased my car repair skills

• spent time with Smokey

• spent more time with friends – whether in person, on the phone, or online

• volunteered at Tryon Palace for Candlelight

• spent time with family

• signed up for my next marathon

Yep, you read that right: after a hiatus of several years, I’ve signed up for another marathon. Once again I’ll be running the Outer Banks Marathon. This year it takes place on November 11. In the U.S., that’s Veteran’s Day, and I’ll be running in memory of Mr. Tom, who always said I needed to stop running so much and put on some weight.

I know not everything that happened in 2017 was good. Mr. Tom passed away. Krystal’s car continues to show the check engine light. We’ve had problems with the house. But overall, I’d like to think there was more good than bad. I know Mr. Tom would want me to focus on that.

So, what do I have planned for the coming year? I don’t rightly know. Other than SuperCon in July and the race in November, I don’t have much planned. Read. Listen to music. Be a better person. I made it through 2017 with no list, so why ruin a good thing?


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